Life is full of experiences and I have had my share. I was born Bruce Allen Tuzinski, but that changed. For the most part of my life, I grew up in Northeast Philadelphia. My “new” family moved there when I was a little boy of seven years old. That was my second experience moving.

My mother remarried Edward Perlman when I was 5 years old and we moved into Bella and Max’s, his mother and father’s house, in the West Oak Lane section of Philadelphia. We were not there for very long. I attended first grade at the Rowen Elementary School and was the only caucasian boy in my first grade classroom. That I remember.

Sometime during my first grade year, Edward Perlman’s father, Max, died. I did not really know him. I only remember visiting the hospital and feeling the sadness of everyone around when he died.
In the summer of my first grade year, the “new” family moved to the house in Northeast Philadelphia on Levick Street where many more of my experiences were born. It seems to me that I spent most of my childhood years there on Levick Street.

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