On June 12, 2021, I celebrated a milestone in my life. Yes… it was my birthday and to say the number out loud, let alone write it down, well, somehow is still EXTREMELY difficult. My goal with this website is to attempt to figure out why, with your help.

As I approached the date, and beyond it, I have been so much more reflective about my life. Stories, people, events, accomplishments, my career, family, friends, jobs and places I’ve lived, have all, recently, had greater attention as I reflect on my 6 decades of life.

With this website, developed in my 60th year, I would like to share stories from my life. Some may be good, some not so good. Some will be video adventures that I will share with you, but, nonetheless, all stories of my life; memoirs, if you will. There will be room to comment so please, join me in my reflection of my life and share your thoughts, feelings and reconnect with me in this new decade. That is the only birthday present I would like or need.


I look forward to sharing this new decade with you!

Please join me